Fourth Grade Curriculum:

  • 3rd Grade Review
  • Spanish-Speakers in the USA - How the Spanish-speaking culture has influenced our culture
  • Clothing (Describing and Purchasing) - What are some authentic clothing items from the Spanish-speaking world?
  • My Daily Routine (Review time and add verbs related to daily routine) - How is my day the same or different than a student in the Spanish-speaking world?
  • Food (Ordering and Sharing Preferences) - How are meal times the same and different?
  • The Home (Describing using prepositions and the verb estar) - How are homes the same and different?

¡Desfile de Moda! (Fashion Show!) - Students described the funky clothing items their partners wore in Spanish!

bahri fashion show.JPG
Ansara fashion show.JPG

4th Grade Unit One: El español en los EEUU/Spanish in the USA - "borrowed words" word search - famous latinos/matching activity

4th Grade Unit Two: Mi rutina diaria/My daily routine

Daily life of kids around the world.

Central America:

South America:


4th Grade Unit Three: Ir de compras y la moda/Shopping and Fashion

4th Grade Unit Four: Las comidas/Food and Mealtimes

Foods, meal times, and basic expressions:

Cultura: - Spain - South America - Mexico - Meal times in Spain

4th Grade Unit Five: El hogar/The home